Swimming Pool

Just in front of the lounge is the swimming pool, offering a nice view for those seated in the bar. The pool deck is elevated about 2.2 meters above the ground level offering excellent view of the lake and the plains.

The main pool has a surface area of 105 square metres, with the shallow end 0.9 metres deep and deepest end 1.5 metres deep. Connected to the main pool is the Children’s pool with a surface area of 38 square metres and uniform depth of 0.9 metres. Both pools are circular in design, slightly overlapping and making a fi gure-8 shape. They have an extended deck of 3.5 meters wide all around covered in non-slip natural stone on the surface and guard rails around the edge for safety.

The shower and changing rooms are below the deck for privacy. This is the only property in Ndutu Area that will have a Swimming Pool.