Dining under the stars, in a Maasai Boma

Dining under the stars around a crackling log fire in the Ndutu southeast Serengeti plains is an unforgettable experience. But at Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge, we wanted to find a way to make this experience something really unique.

As our lodge is inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where wild animals and Maasaï people have been living peacefully for so many years, we thought that the Maasaï culture should be part of your guests experience in Ndutu.

We built with the local community a real boma decorated by Maasaï women. This boma is the first step of the constructive and enduring partnership we are willing to forge with the community.

In the following months we want to get closer to them. The Maasaïs are renowned for their crafts. Women create wonderful and colorful beaded  jewellery for body ornamentation. Some of our Maasaï neighbors are also beekeepers!

In order to support them and give back to the local community, we will buy their wares and display it in  our small boutique at the lodge.